Neckties are known as a decorative clothing accessory. They are worn by men on several occasions. Be it formal, semi-formal, or some special occasion, neckties always come in handy. 

Neckties always add a special something to your outfit. It cannot always be good to wear monochromatic suits; you need a bit of color and design with those suits and hence men’s premium neckties come into the picture.

There is a perfect tie for every outfit out there. While picking a tie, you need to choose the ones that fit your body structure well. After choosing the ones that are proportionate to your body, you need to see which one matches your outfit in terms of color and pattern. While accessing your outfit, make sure that your tie should not stand out; it needs to go well with your outfit to bring the best out of your clothes and make your whole outfit look good.

What further needs to be discussed is the number of ways in which you can tie your premium neckties. There are about eighteen different ways to knot your neckties. It might seem like this part would not make a difference, but for people who are particular about the way they dress, it makes all the difference in the world.

If you prefer tying small and uneven knots, there are three different ways of tying knots like that. You could try the less known knots like the Victoria knot or the Oriental knot. ‘Four in Hand’ knot is the most common way of tying a necktie, and it too gives you a small, uneven knot.

If you want to tie an uneven but a medium sized knot, you could try the Nicky knot, the Pratt knot or the Plattsburgh knot. However, if you are looking for a medium sized even knot, you could try the Half Windsor knot, which is the easiest and the most popular way of tying a knot. There are two other ways for this kind of knot, called the St. Andrew knot and the Kelvin knot. 

For a big and even knot, there are various different methods that can be applied. The most common in the Full Windsor knot. Other ways include the Balthus knot, the Handover knot, the Grantchester knot, and the Christensen knot.

For people who want to try something unusual, there are some ways through which you can get a unique knot. You could try a Bow tie, which is a very common accessory with tuxedos. Apart from that, you could try the Cafe knot, the Eldredge tie knot or the Trinity knot, to get a complicated yet a different kind knot.

You should always pick the knot that not only suits you the most but also makes you feel comfortable. Your necktie is supposed to compliment your look, not cause you discomfort. As it has been established, a necktie can make a huge difference to your outfit. There are thousands of men’s premium neckties in the market and if you choose well, you could have a good look with a perfect outfit.