Belts are the kind of accessories that are very functional and at the same time, aesthetic. You can do without a watch, a bracelet, a pocket square but you need something to hold your pants up in place. It is one of the essential accessories. Of course, there is an alternative to belts – suspenders. But suspenders aren’t as versatile as belts. The reason that belts are more popular than suspenders is because they can be worn with all kinds of outfits and they’re more comfortable than suspenders. This article will tell you everything you need to know about anti-scratch buckle leather belts.

Formal Belts & Casual Belts

It is no surprise that leather belt is the most popular kind of belts out there. Leather is strong, durable and good-looking. Leather belts come in both formal and casual variants. Dress belts are worn with suits and formal attire, whereas casual belts can be used with anything from jeans to shorts. The classic leather belt is classified as a formal belt. Formal belts generally have a buckle which is smaller and flatter than casual belts. They are usually in neutral colors. Casual belts can be of various materials including canvas, webbing, vinyl and leather.

What are Anti-Scratch Belts

Leather belts essentially come with a buckle. The classic leather belt has multiple holes to fit various waist sizes and a buckle with a prong to fasten it. The problem with most leather belts with buckle is that they scratch a lot of surfaces they come in contact with. They end up scratching many objects like your car, equipment, musical instruments and your own belly. This is why anti-scratch belts were introduced. Not only do they not scratch anything they come in contact with, they cannot be scratched themselves. You’ve probably noticed how worn out a belt looks when there are scratches all over its buckle. And hence, anti-scratch belts are to your rescue as they look like new long time after you’ve bought them.

How to Wear Your Leather Belt

  • You’ve probably already heard that you should match the leather of your belt to the leather of your shoes.
  • While the previous point is true, you should also ideally match the finish of your belt with the shoes. That means wet look (patent leather) belt with wet look shoes and plain leather belt with plain leather shoes.
  • Moreover, you should match the metal of your belt buckle with any metal on your shoes, watch, tie bars and cufflinks.
  • When wearing dress shoes, you should stick to narrow/skinny leather belts as they are the most formal ones.
  • Never wear a belt and suspenders together. You can only wear one at a time.
  • Don’t wear a belt that is shorter than your waist or more than 2 sizes bigger than your waist.

Anti-scratch buckle leather belts like this are classic and timeless. They will never go out of fashion and you can don them for just about any kind of occasion.