The baseball cap has been the cornerstone of street wear and hip-hop alike for decades now. It is also the one accessory that has polarized the fashion world. One side advocates it while the other thinks it’s for teenagers. But like most clothing items and accessories, we believe it’s more about how to wear it than whether to wear it or not. Let’s find out how you should wear baseball caps, with our focus being unisex cotton relaxed fit caps.


Baseball caps were first introduced, unsurprisingly, by a baseball team. It was donned by the Brooklyn Excelsiors in 1860. It was used to identify teams and protect the players from the sun during the game. The surge of sports games on television in 20th century brought the baseball cap to the mainstream. It was then that it became an immensely popular accessory in men’s casual attire. And this wasn’t a fad that was going to fade anytime soon. With many hip-hop artists adorning the baseball cap as their crown accessory, it is still very much in fashion. And it’s here to stay!

Baseball Caps as a Fashion Accessory

Undoubtedly, baseball caps are a great accessory to wear while going for a morning hike, a baseball game, picnic/camping or running errands. But they are not solely reserved for these outings anymore. With a number of designers now adding baseball caps to their ensembles has shown that these caps can be paired with a lot more outfits than just with your t-shirt, hoodie and trainers. Moreover, with the athleisure trend becoming so popular, it has also put baseball caps back on the pedestal. Baseball caps are not only a great accessory for men, but for women as well. Rihanna and Gigi Hadid have proved that multiple times. Wearing a baseball cap is an easy yet awesome way to go out on your bad hair days.

 How to Wear Baseball Caps?                              

We all know these caps are perfect to be worn with your casual outfits, sporty outfits and your summer look. But there are modern ways to style your baseball cap with a lot more than those basic casuals. Let’s see what they are.

Summer Look

A baseball cap is a staple when it comes to going for a sunny picnic or a day at the beach. On summer days, it will protect you from the scorching sun and also give you the peppy summer look. Ideally, you should pick a cap in the same color as another part of your outfit – be it your shorts or your shoes.

Streetwear Look

A baseball cap is a quintessential streetwear item. Pair a statement hoodie with a bomber jacket and a pair of cropped chinos or cargo pants. Top it off with some chunky sneakers and a colourful baseball cap and you’re good to go.

The Athleisure Look

Finally, a balanced look that you can achieve by going for a pair of jogger pants with polo t-shirt or a varsity jacket, topped with a unisex cotton relaxed fit cap.

In conclusion, unisex cotton relaxed fit cap is a versatile accessory and can look amazing with various outfits, if done the right way.