Shoes are one of the most important parts of a man’s outfit. They can turn your outfit around. A great pair of shoes can elevate any basic outfit to something stylish. On the other hand, the wrong kind of shoes can make an otherwise great outfit look grotesque. Needless to say, it is imperative to get your footwear right in order to look neat and elegant. You can either go with the evergreen, timeless pairs of footwear that never go out of style or you can don a pair of trendy and fashionable shoes. While classic shoes always look good with most kinds of outfits, it gets boring to wear them all the time. It is a good idea to spice things up and keep trying the shoes that are new in fashion. In this article, we will discuss the latest shoes in fashion for men.

Boat Shoes

Boat shoes are back in style! Yes, the old school boat shoes for the rich men are back, but this time on the streets. They are the new trends in street style as they are comfortable and very versatile. Don a pair of boat shoes with chino trousers, jeans, corduroy pants or a pair of shorts, they go with anything. Check out this pair of leather boat shoes that can adorn your style.

Suede Desert Boots

Desert boots have been a men’s wardrobe staple for years. But they have come back to trend due to their vintage vibe with many brands creating their versions of suede leather desert boots. These are very dressy shoes that can make you look classier than in a pair of sneakers. They look great with jeans and shirts.

Sustainable Shoes

With growing awareness for environment conservation, sustainable fashion has become a trend; this includes shoes as well. From fast fashion brands to the big sneaker brands, everyone is introducing sustainable shoe lines. These are made from eco-friendly materials and practices and combine fashion with sustainability. Some brands are even making shoes from recycled plastic – the material that planet Earth desperately wants to get rid of! You would find many celebrities sporting the conspicuous brands of sustainable shoes.

Color-Rich Shoes

Shoes in bold colors are another trend that’s worth accepting. Breaking the stereotype that men should only wear neutral color shoes, designers and brands are offering shoes with some serious color combinations. From multi-color sneakers to pastel pink loafers, there are plenty of splashy colors to choose from. Even moccasins with funky prints are on the fashion radar right now.


Espadrilles are a very practical kind of shoes that can be worn for any setting requiring comfort. They are back to trend with many high-street fashion vistas donning them to holidays in their Instagram posts. From casual outdoor gatherings to lazy days on the beach, espadrilles are stylish for most summer occasions. They are a dressier version of men’s sandals. And take our advice – don’t wear men’s sandals!

These are some of the latest shoes in fashion for men. Having a pair of each in your wardrobe can keep you and your feet covered for any outing.