With the advent of athleisure in the global fashion scene, one item that’s emerged to become one of the most popular fashion trends is the jogger. Not only has it taken a firm place amongst the popular comfortable pants for men, it is also doing the rounds on the street style scene. This article is your complete guide about the casual fashion jogger jeans.
What is a Jogger?
Joggers were originally created for the sole purpose of being the pants for running and other sports activities. Joggers are essentially comfortable, lightweight and generally stretchable pants that taper at the leg. Many joggers have an elastic or drawstring waist and elastic at the ankle. But the jogger pant has evolved a long way since just being a sports pant. There are many kinds of joggers now from sweatpants-style joggers to jogger jeans, for various kinds of occasions.
How to Wear Joggers?
The best part about jogger pants is their versatility. If worn right, you can sport joggers to casual outings, smart casual settings and at your home as well. Another feature that makes them so popular is the comfort they provide. Since jogger pants have an elastic waist and a tapered fit, they are extremely comfortable to be in. Moreover, jogger jeans give you the look of jeans but the comfort of sweatpants. This is why they are giving the regular jeans a run for its money. To start with, there are the basic sporty joggers, meant to be worn for training. Then there are everyday joggers that you can wear while you’re at home. Then there are the more sophisticated kinds of joggers. There are the smart joggers which are usually made of good quality cotton and can be worn to any smart casual setting. Finally, there are the jeans joggers that can be worn to almost any casual setting.
 What to Wear Joggers with?
There are a large number of possibilities when it comes to pairing different kinds of clothing items with your jogger jeans. Let’s start with some of our favorite looks that you can create with them:
  • Jogger jeans with sweatshirt/hoodie: This is a classic street wear look that is equal parts stylish and comfortable. You can add more layers or accessories to this look to make it more edgy.
  • Jogger jeans with casual jackets: You can pair your jogger jeans with bomber jackets, biker jackets and coat jackets with style. Denim on denim can turn out to be a rocking look, if done right. Pair your joggers with a neutral t-shirt and a denim jacket and you’re good to go out for a casual date.
  • Jogger jeans with casual blazer: For a smart casual look, you can even pair your jogger jeans with something more formal like a button-down shirt, a crew neck sweater and a casual blazer or sports jacket to top the look. You can even wear a trench coat with them.
Casual fashion jogger jeans can be used to create many different looks for men while also maintaining the comfort level. Check out these must-have jogger jeans for your wardrobe.