Casual style is more important than it is considered to be. It is because a regular man is dressed in casuals more often than business formal or any other attire. More and more workplaces are moving away from the traditional business formal wear like the suit; and adopting more casual styles like smart casuals and business casuals. So mastering the attires of casual style is very important for a man to look great. Let us give you 7 pro tips to look great in casual.

  1. Drop the graphic tees

Many men still wear graphic t-shirts even in their adult years. Let us break it down for you- they don’t look good. A graphic t-shirt is only suitable for teenagers or kids. For a more elegant look, give them up for better kinds of t-shirts like solids, stripes, Henley necks, knitted patterns, textured t-shirts, etc. Check out from this range of classy t-shirts by Celino.

  1. Get that fit right

You’ve probably noticed how some guys look so cool even in a basic t-shirt and plain jeans. The answer to that is fit. The correct fit can make you look sartorially appealing in any kind of outfit. While shopping, make sure to buy clothes that fit you well – not too tight nor too loose. If it’s not fitting you right and it can’t be altered, drop it.

  1. Add variety to your bottoms

When it comes to casuals, most guys can think of only jeans for bottom wear. While jeans are a good option, it’s not the only one. You should change it up with chino trousers, regular casual trousers, cargo trousers, etc. There are amazing color options in chino trousers. A stylish twist to your regular jeans is this pair of jogger jeans. They look great while also being comfortable.

  1. Level up your footwear

Again, the go-to casual shoes for most guys are sneakers. They are a good option but very common. Going for leather Oxford shoes or boat shoes will give you an elegant look that is more timeless than any pair of sneakers. One of our all-time favorites is this pair of leather lace-up boat shoes by Celino.

  1. Get all the neutrals

Neutral colors are the basic colors that go with just about anything. They aren’t overpowering and they mix well with each other. Your wardrobe should consist of all the neutrals as they are staples and evergreen. Neutral colors are white, black, navy, olive, grey, khaki and brown.

  1. Accessorize

Accessorizing is a great way to level up your casual style. It gives a touch of spice to your outfit without adding anything too quirky or tacky. If you put on some beads on one hand and a tasteful watch on another, you suddenly transform your style even if you’re wearing a basic t-shirt and jeans. Check out this charming beads bracelet.

  1. Prefer classics than trends

Fashion trends come and go, but classics always stay. So while building a wardrobe, give preference to buying classic outfit pieces than the ever-changing trendy styles.

 Follow these 7 pro tips to look great in casual and carry yourself with style anywhere you go.