Most men pay a lot of attention while dressing up in formals or dress attire. But when it comes to casuals, they are lazy and just step out with the same classic t-shirt/shirt and jeans combination. But casual wear is the attire that lets you express your own personal style more freely. There are almost no rules, you have virtually unlimited choice, and you can look dashing if you do it right. Let us tell you the 4 fundamental ways to level up your casual style with utmost ease.

  1. Layer it up!

Depending on the occasion and weather you’re dressing for, you can always add a ton of suave with an additional layer in your outfit. What that means is that instead of stepping out with just one layer of clothing like a shirt or t-shirt, you should add one either one of a jacket, sweater, cardigan, sports jacket, casual blazer or a trench coat. That way, you transform from ‘basic’ to ‘stylish’ with just a jacket. Adding more elements and detail to your outfit holds people’s attention for longer while it also looks aesthetically appealing. If it’s a relaxed outing, a denim jacket with t-shirt and jeans adds character to your look. Our recommendation is this fine denim jacket by Celino. If it’s a casual outing that needs dressing up, a long coat jacket like this paired with a shirt/t-shirt (polo or crew neck) with chino trousers can go a long way.

  1. Keep it simple yet stylish

A general rule of style to abide by if you’re an adult man is to keep your upper wear simple; say no to graphic t-shirts as they are childish and don’t make a good impression. The t-shirts you should have in your wardrobe are solid, striped or patterned/self-design crew necks, Henley’s, polo’s, etc. These make you look elegant, mature and they can go with just about anything. Check out these timeless high-quality t-shirts for your all-time casual wear. If you want some kind of prints on your t-shirts, go for subtle printed polo T-shirts like these.

  1. Add some accents

Accents are anything you can wear except the big body-covering pieces of your clothes like shirts/pants. Accents add more character to your outfit and elevate it to a more complete look. They transform your from look drab to unique. You can add a colourful scarf, a piece of elegant accessory or a classy watch. Here you can choose just about anything that appeals to you. Check out these tasteful bead bracelets for men. Beads look charming with just about any kind of men’s outfit.

  1. Amp up your footwear

The ongoing fad for shoes isn’t for nothing; shoes are one of the most important elements of your outfit. They can make or break your outfit. Instead of those run-of-the-mill sneakers that you can see on every bloke’s feet around the corner, go for more stylish casual shoes. Casual leather shoes, boots, leather or suede leather moccasins are dressier casual alternatives to sneakers.  Check out these stylish leather lace-up moccasins by Celino here. They are very versatile and look good with most of your casual outfits.

So go out, get dressed effortlessly following these simple ways to always look your best in your casual, comfortable clothes.