Are you thinking about making a floral polo shirt the next addition to your suitcase? Allow us to assist. In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about our favorite holiday style, including outfit inspiration and its sporty beginnings.


Floral Polo Shirt

Contrary to popular belief, the floral polo shirt that we recognize today was actually invented for tennis. In the 1920s, French tennis player Rene Lacoste wanted to design something more comfortable than the traditional long-sleeved button-up shirt. His marvelous invention? You guessed it: the polo shirt. The garment he created was a white pique cotton shirt with short sleeves. The wearer could turn up the unstarched collar to prevent sunburn and unbutton the placket for comfort. It also had a slightly longer tail to prevent the shirt from untucking during a game.

By the 1930s, floral polo shirt were so popular that polo players reclaimed the innovative style, and the term ‘polo shirt’ was born. It wasn’t long before the polo became popular in the celebrity world. Clint Eastwood, James Dean and Pharrell Williams have all earned style recognition with a little help from this reliable garment.


Floral Polo Shirt

floral polo shirt are super-versatile but choosing the right fit depends on the occasion and your personal tastes. We have three hero styles that combine classic tailoring with quintessential Owlbear Brown details you can’t find anywhere else.


The Sebastian has always been a bestseller, owing to our unique tailored approach. Every man looks his best in a tailored fit polo as it streamlines the silhouette. We’ve taken the principles of a finely tailored man’s shirt: smart two-part collar, shaped hem and sewn-on buttoned cuffs. The Sebastian’s deep three-button placket creates an open, non-restrictive neckline (practical as well as flattering), while the shaped hem can also be worn untucked to elongate the torso.


Our Terry toweling polo shirt is the perfect poolside companion and mimics James Bond’s look in Dr. No (1962). The Terry has a retro-inspired resort placket, tailored silhouette, and side vents to retain shape when seated. The straight hem is excellent for wearing untucked.


Finally, the Jarrett is our most laidback option—great for a bit of downtime. Its fit is more relaxed than our other hero styles, with a short two-button placket for simplicity. The ribbed collar, in addition to being robust, also offers a sporty accent.


Long sleeved Floral Polo Shirt

The first variation that comes to mind is themen’s long-sleeved polo shirt, primarily seen on our Sebastian and Mallory styles. Not only does switching to long sleeves suit colder climes, it also suit occasions that require a more refined appearance. The addition of buttoned cuffs will polish your outfit further, as seen on our long-sleeved Sebastian.


Floral Polo Shirt

Toweling is our thing—we love it! And here’s why you should too. ‘Terry’ is derived from the French word ‘tirer’ meaning ‘to pull’ in referring to the piled loops which were originally pulled by hand. The aforementioned piled loops are highly absorbent and feel like velvet to the touch. Our Terry polo boasts a lightweight form of toweling, making it the ultimate piece to slip into after a dip in the water.


Knitted polo shirt

Opting for a knitted polo shirt is a great way to elevate evening outfits. Our Italian made Mallory has the open resort collar and tailored slim fit of a polo with the long sleeves and knitted construction of a jumper (a silk jumper to be precise). Alternatively, opting for a knitted Merino polo is great for longer trips when you’re more likely to encounter multiple climates, this is because Merino is moisture-wicking in hot weather and insulating when temperatures drop.


Floral Polo Shirt

Due to its absorbent qualities, linen is a great alternative to cotton when visiting warmer destinations. Linen is also highly durable and is less likely to irritate the skin due to its natural fibers. The Sebastian is also available in a light linen knit.


Floral Polo Shirt

If patterns or prints aren’t quite your style, try opting for a contrast color to the tip of the collar, placket, or cuff, inspired by the chic knitted polos of the 50s and 60s. These details, though subtle, add bags of character without overpowering your outfit. Check out our Haden and Horton polo shirts to see what we mean.


Floral Polo Shirt

Wearing a floral polo shirt is straightforward, but naturally, there are many ways to style it for different occasions and destinations. The first big question is: are polo shirts smart-casual? The short answer is yes. Sure, you can rely on the Jarrett to get you through a heated game of beach volleyball, but style our tailored Sebastian with a blazer, and you have yourself a smarter option


Partner one of our Jarrett Washed polos—‘washed’ in referring to the colour treatment—with navy Bulldog swim shorts. The ‘lived-in’ appearance of the cotton ties in with the laidback beach aesthetic. Alternatively, if you’re off to the pool, pull on our classic Terry and wear untucked to show off the straight hem.


The key to creating a smart-casual look is to add polished details. Wear a plain white or cream Sebastian tucked into a pair of cotton twill Bulldog shorts and add a blazer—perfect for lunch at the beach club. The shorts keep the look casual while the blazer lends a sophisticated layer. Finish with plain sneakers for a final casual touch.


By opting for the Sebastian's traditional two-part collar over a casual ribbed collar, and chinos over shorts, you'll already have the basis of a smart outfit. Pair with a blazer and ensure the color matches your chinos for an chic appearance. Alternatively, replace the Sebastian with an open collar polo knitted in silk or cashmere. The polo’s fabric texture and tailoring are anything but casual, and the open collar is great for when the music in the bar gets you moving..

Now that we’ve answered all your floral polo shirt questions, there’s only one thing left to do: browse our floral polo shirt assortment and begin your O.B collection.