The Short Sleeved Button Up Shirts doesn’t have the best reputation. And that’s largely because so many men get the fit wrong. Worn too big, they conjure up visions of your archetypal '80s film nerd, complete with a pocket protector and thick-rimmed glasses. Too small and you’re in Love Island territory.

short sleeve button up shirts

But you shouldn’t let either of these extremes colour what is, ultimately, one of summer’s wardrobe essentials. “If you get the fit right, Short Sleeved Button Up Shirts are stylish and easy to wear,” says Thread stylist Alexander McCalla. “They’re a smart-casual winner that you can wear all summer.”


Overall, your short sleeve button up shirt  should fit slim, but not too tight. When trying on a new shirt, button it up like you normally would, and then sit down in a chair. It should feel as comfortable (and have enough give) sitting down as it is while standing. The buttons shouldn’t be pulling apart; the shirt shouldn’t be stretching like spandex on your torso.


“The seam of the shirt should sit on the edge of your shoulder, on or slightly above your shoulder point. You won’t be wearing anything thicker than a tee underneath it, so you want a proper fit and for it not to be too loose.”


short sleeve button up shirts

“Should fit close to your biceps. If they billow out, it’s too big. That said, it shouldn’t feel like a compression vest. In terms of length, you want just above the elbow around the mid to lower triceps area. Too short veers into Love Island territory, and too long will make you look like you’re still at school.”


“The hem should reach the middle of your trouser pockets. This means if you’re wearing a smarter style, you can tuck it in without bunching, but it’s long enough to be worn untucked.”


short sleeve button up shirts

“Fitted, but not tight. The buttons should not pull and you should be able to move your arms freely – if you lift them above your head and the fabric tugs, Short Sleeved Button Up Shirts you need to size up. About half an inch of room means you can breathe and move freely, but won’t look too boxy.”


“You’re not going to wear a tie with a Short Sleeved Button Up Shirts – seriously, it’s not a good look – but the fit should be the same as a smarter shirt; when it’s buttoned, you should be able to fit two fingers between your neck and the collar of your Short Sleeved Button Up Shirts.



As far as fit is concerned, if you can’t have it all:

  1. Shoulders: if the shoulder seam doesn’t sit on top of your shoulder bone, chances are the rest of the shirt won’t fit correctly either
  2. Sleeve width: this is hard to fake. If it’s too loose (often the case) then you can’t make it smaller without tailoring, which is a pain. If it’s too tight, then it will be uncomfortable
  3. Body: Generally, shirts that fit well in the shoulders tend to fit the body. The silhouette may be boxier, or it may be more slim, but you’ll have to try on the shirt to find out. Typically, you wear short sleeve shirts in the warmer months, and in my opinion, it’s OK if the body is a bit looser (allows for more airflow and I don’t like when my shirts stick to my body when it’s hot)
  4. Shirt length: Usually a good french tuck / half tuck solves the problem when the shirt is only a tad too long. If it’s way too long, like covering more than half your butt in the back, then tuck it in, or don’t wear that shirt at all
  5. Sleeve length: As long as the sleeve width is fine, you can easily cuff the hem so the sleeve is shorter